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About Verve

The Verve Velocity™ platform is comprised of four key elements — location intelligence, custom audiences, beautiful creative, and robust analytics and insights — all of which can be accessed directly via managed or self-service as well as programmatically via private marketplaces. Verve Beacons add an additional layer of measurement and engagement, enabling brands to connect the digital and the physical worlds and create branded messaging and experiences.

Verve features

Verve Kinetic

a patented suite of data science capabilities, combines a world of location and movement data to understand real people and their motivations.

Verve Activate

a collection of 75+ custom audience segments, helps you reach desired audiences based on location movement patterns, intent, interests, activities, life stage, and demographics.

Verve Foundry

our in-house creative studio creates mobile ad experiences that feel natural, valuable and contextually relevant to a consumer in their mobile moment.

Verve Momentum

analytics and insights rooted in control group methodology, measures campaign performance to identify results and inform future campaign strategies.

Verve Velocity

a proprietary, location-powered mobile marketing platform, unites data, audience, creative, and analytics to scale proven mobile strategies.

Verve Beacons

a complete hardware and software solution, enables real-world mobile marketing and measurement at close proximity, capturing consumer movements and delivering ads, content, and a broad range of notifications at the in-aisle level.

Verve Programmatic

provides access to premium Verve inventory, creative, and targeting options through major DSPs.

"Your team is amazing. The onboarding, training and customer support has been phenomenal. If there was an 11 in the survey I would have given you that."

--George Cicci with Impakt Marketing

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