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About Snowflake

Snowflake enables companies to easily source external data and combine it with their own internal datasets for better analytics and faster decision-making. Reduce query times from hours to seconds and enable secure collaboration across all data for all your business users, and your extended business ecosystem. Snowflake’s unique architecture simplifies the data pipeline and eliminates complexity, enabling every organization to be data-driven.

Snowflake features

  • Centralize, integrate, and analyze disparate sources of data with the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. Enable faster and more cost-effective decision-making.
  • Access your NinjaCat raw, granular data, directly from Snowflake and speed up data analytics while combining it with other data sources for a full 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Run large, complex queries without resource contention and simplify data management while improving security and data governance.

"Your team is amazing. The onboarding, training and customer support has been phenomenal. If there was an 11 in the survey I would have given you that."

--George Cicci with Impakt Marketing

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