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About Perfect Audience

Bring all your retargeting advertising together into one powerful application. Set up in minutes. See results immediately.

Perfect Audience features

Why Web Retargeting?

  • Bring back lost customers Design campaigns in minutes. Our easy to use platform makes it easy to set up retargeting campaigns. We serve lost customers your ads in the best placements at the lowest prices.
  • Profitably get more sales Drive sales and conversions on autopilot. We help you capture all the low hanging fruit and bring lost customers back for a sale. Our advertisers generate $8-10 in sales for every $1 spent.
  • Uncover new marketing channels See where your ads perform best, and where your visitors hang out online. We provide transparency on where your ad is served and where they are converting. Get smarter about your marketing.
  • Reach beyond Google Perfect Audience is a world-class real-time bidding platform that serves your ads across Google, OpenX, Rubicon, and every other top network. We ensure that your retargeting campaigns are on the best and most transparent networks.

"Your team is amazing. The onboarding, training and customer support has been phenomenal. If there was an 11 in the survey I would have given you that."

--George Cicci with Impakt Marketing

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