Now More Than Ever, Identity Matters

About Infutor

As the leader in Consumer Identity Management for nearly 20 years, our unmatched data and intelligence on over 260 million U.S. consumers empowers marketers to optimize every single engagement. Infutor has mastered the science of consumer identity management and identity resolution. With an unrivaled depth and breadth of accurate data permissibly obtained from the most authoritative sources, we deliver what brands need to know about consumers in real-time to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions.

Infutor features

  • Offline contact points (names, addresses, phones)
  • Digital identifiers (email, mobile ad ID, IP)
  • Demographics (age, gender, occupation, marital status, presence of children, estimated household income, and many more)
  • Auto (year, make, model, mileage, VIN]
  • Property (owner, deed, title, mortgage, sq. ft, # Bedrooms, # Baths)
  • Segmentation clusters

We’ve mastered the blend of identity, attribute, and intelligence data combined with powerful on-demand technology. And we deliver accurate consumer identity insights to brands in real-time. Our vast linked identity graph combined with our in-house expertise uniquely positions us as the data-driven consumer identity intelligence provider that empowers any organization to exceed its goals.

Infutor is powered by our TrueSource™ Identity Graph that provides the industry’s most accurate and extensive consumer identity information. Our partners leverage our identity graph to verify, complete, enrich, link and maintain their consumer identities, creating a powerful, single consumer profile.

Every day, Fortune 1000 clients rely on Infutor’s expertise and on-demand data, powered by highly flexible, automated technology, to:

  • Turn unknown identities into known customers and prospects with personalized inbound engagement in real-time
  • Increase outbound omnichannel marketing reach and one-to-moment conversions
  • Improve digital marketing performance through higher audience match rates
  • Drive segmentation of 1st party audiences and the creation of lookalike audience targeting through analytics, cluster analysis and predictive indicators
  • Cleanse, link, optimize and enhance their CRM data

Infutor pricing

Flexible Pricing: Infutor maintains several product tiers and pricing options for our identity data including full data file licensing and/or API or Batch on a per input or match.

"Your team is amazing. The onboarding, training and customer support has been phenomenal. If there was an 11 in the survey I would have given you that."

--George Cicci with Impakt Marketing

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