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About CallRail

CallRail is a business communications and analytics platform that helps businesses improve customer experience and marketing performance. Serving over 180,000 businesses, CallRail’s platform fits into existing workflows, integrates with major marketing and sales solutions including HubSpot, Facebook, Salesforce, and Google Ads and Analytics, and scales with each customer’s needs as they grow.

CallRail features

CallRail’s business communications and analytics platform lets businesses know exactly which marketing ads, campaigns, and keywords are behind their best leads and customer opportunities. It provides the insights businesses need to deliver exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint via a seamless, unified inbox.

Platform features include:

  • Call tracking that uncovers the source, keyword, and ad campaigns driving the most leads at individual and session level with dynamic number insertion.
  • Unified inbox that centralizes customer interactions — calls, texts, chats, and form submissions — while enabling real-time communication so that every opportunity is captured.
  • Automatic call recording and transcription that spots keywords and call highlights to deliver conversation insights at a glance.
  • Automated classification and scoring of all calls, texts, live chat, and form submissions. Customer journey data is captured and connected showing interactions in a seamless dashboard timeline.
  • Call routing, call flow builder, and form builder functionality that streamlines workflows to improve team efficiency and productivity.
  • Ability to work from anywhere with CallRail and Lead Center mobile apps.
  • CallRail integrates natively with 45 different marketing solutions, and also offers custom integration via Webhooks, REST API, Zapier, and Custom Cookie Capture. Integration is easy to set up and ensures that your workflows and data are streamlined across the platforms you rely on to keep your business running smoothly.

CallRail pricing

CallRail starts at just $45/mo for 10 local phone numbers and 500 local minutes. Additional plans available to help you as your business needs scale.

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